So far I have two loyal blog viewers (thanks mom and dad!)

The competition thus far (in terms of blog subscribers):

Heather – 2

Opponent (who shall continue to remain nameless) – 457

The gaps begin to close.

Speaking of competitions, one of my hobbies is starting competitions with people who don’t know they are competing. I do this often at the gym when I bike for 30 seconds longer than the person next to me and then claim their soul and dignity. They don’t know they’re competing which makes the competition better because my chances of winning are significantly higher. I also do this at the grocery store where I compete with the person in the next line over to me to see who can get through check-out first. Of course, if it looks like they are going to beat me in getting through check-out, the competition changes to who can get through check-out the slowest. That’s how asymmetric competitions work and that’s why they’re awesome.

My hobby probably derives from my childhood days when I didn’t win anything and was cut from 95% of the sports teams I tried out for (shout out to high school track where the coach couldn’t make cuts!) But it all evens out since now I’m beating almost everyone at some sort of secret competition. In fact, you and I are competing right now.


In other news, this quote by Israel’s President, Shimon Peres, is funny:

“In Israel, we have 100,000 cows that produce the same amount of milk as the 4 million cows in Ethiopia. I’m urging them to work together to increase yields.”

Shimon Peres is a cow whisperer?! Amazing. I want him to go to my family’s farm and get those cows to work together to produce better beef so that my family can win the secret competition we have going on with all other farmers in Saskatchewan.