So I was following this dude’s blog… he’s a poli sci professor but does very interesting work related to economic development and the like. About a week ago he wrote that he was hiring research assistants for a project in Liberia. Hallelujah! If I land this job, I will be able to live my dream of dropping out of school and doing research without having a to get a real degree! Maybe there is a god!

I email my blog stalkee and ask about the position. His reply: you have to finish your degree.

I’m sick of school and I’m sick of this guy’s attitude! I’m going to show him what’s up by starting a blog that is better than his. What will this accomplish? I don’t know but I’d say that chances are high that he’ll get his comeuppance somehow.

I also hope that Bill Cosby will stumble upon this blog and call me up. Best friends.