On Sunday I bought a large bag of trail mix and thought it would be a good idea to eat it all. About 25 minutes later I felt as though my stomach was being simultaneously torn apart and set on fire. When I started to have trouble breathing, I vowed never to eat trail mix again.

After track practice on Tuesday, I went to SaveOnFoods to buy apples (or as I like to call them, trackples) and saw an entire aisle of trail mix delites! Remembering my vow, however, I walked right on by.

Just kidding, I clearly bought another large bag. That night I had JUST A BIT of trail mix (like a small handful) and about an hour later I got a really bad stomach ache and then my entire body started aching.

MY QUESTION: Have I made myself allergic to nuts? Is this possible? I remember by dad telling me about his father who used to keep bees and then was stung by a billion of them and became really allergic to bee stings. My theory is that the same thing has happened to me – my gluttony has resulted in me being allergic to one of my most favourite things in the world.