1) The Blake/AMS/UN debacle — Unless Blake is 4, he didn’t think the UN would respond in any way to his cry for help. It was a way for him to bring attention to his concerns regarding tuition increases or, more likely, himself. I’m personally not a fan of this move because I think it’s obnoxious and disrespectful, but in the larger scheme of things, I doubt that UBC will be *too much* hurt by this (maybe not true for Blake) and I really doubt that this will cost the UN more than 30 seconds of its time or effort. I think Blake wants attention and now he’s getting it. Instead of ranting, I am going to forever deem him as a tool and go eat some cereal. Also, what’s up with Pivot Legal and why does nobody care about its involvement? Is it because they help peeps in the DTES and? …..

2) Getting into grad school — Not really, but kind of. This is the first year I’ve ever taken courses because people told me they would be helpful for getting into grad school. As such, I only like one of the courses I’m enrolled in this semester. From now on, I’m going back to my old plan of studying what I like because I think I had a better chance of getting into grad school by doing that and I was also infinitely more happy. Also, people are getting weirdly competitive this year and it makes me sad 😦

3) Washing fruit before I eat it — I’ve never actually cared about this.

4) Drinking too much coffee — Every year I go through this phase where I’m like “I’M TOO ADDICTED TO COFFEE!! MUST.. CUT.. BACK!!” and then I try to stop drinking coffee for a week. It never works. From now on, I’m going to embrace my caffeine addiction and remember not to try hard drugs because I’ll probably become addicted to those too.

5) Beating my blog opponent. JUST KIDDING, HEATHER FTW!