My two faithful blog readers (my mom and my dad) pointed out that my blogging frequency has taken a hit. Some may say I’m lazy, others may say I’m good looking, but the real issue here is how my brival (blog+rival for the non-math majors) manages to blog every day despite his academic post at Yale and numerous other affiliations and research positions.

I believe that some professors, having undergone 9-10 years of grueling education and pain, enter this secretive career that the outside world doesn’t really understand and can therefore get away with blogging and reading all day. Isn’t that what being an academic is? You’re paid to learn and write about stuff?

My friend Rahul will, I believe, become a professor within the next five years. I’m going to secretly follow his career to see how much work he actually does once he gets his PhD. Since he refuses to subscribe to my blog, he’ll never know of this secret experiment. EVER.

I was also recently warned that non-professional blogs are a bad idea because future employers will read them and not hire you. Well, jokes on you! With an arts degree, I’m not even eligible for jobs!