Most people don’t like me so you can imagine my excitement when I logged on to facebook and was greeted with a friend request! You can imagine that my heart skipped a beat when I saw a nice little message with it: “Heather! I am [name withheld because most people will figure out who it is anyway]’s sister and I’m contacting everyone in the wedding party… I thought facebook would be easiest!”

Not only am I wanted as a friend, but I’m also wanted to be in a wedding party! Aw shucks!

Well obviously this person made a mistake and while I do know her soon-to-be-married sister, I doubt I will be invited to her wedding as it’s more one of those friendships where I pay her to hang out with me.

But on to the dilemma.. do I email this person back with a “you got the wrong Heather but can we please be friends anyway” or do I play along with it, saying that I didn’t realize that X and I were so close and that I’d be honoured to be the maid of honour, leaving her to the awkward and unenviable task of a) figuring out that I am not bridesmaid Heather and b) telling me that I’m not bridesmaid Heather. (My favourite part of this paragraph is that it is one sentence. Holla grammar skills!)

Thoughts are appreciated.

p.s.  Today I decided that Google Scholar is not a good indicator of popularity.