Sometimes life is hard. If you’re having a rough day, try doing some (or all!) of following to bring some sunshine to your life.

1) Call somewhere to make an appointment (ie haircut or dentist appointment). When they ask for your last name, say “Sarsons spelled S-A-R-Z-U-Y-E-E-E-%-N-S” … but don’t actually use my name. I want to still be able to make dentist appointments.

2) If they haven’t hung up on you and they ask for your phone number, respond “17”

3) Alternative to #2: if the person asking for your number is of the opposite sex, respond “look, I’m sure you’re a great person, but I’m really not interested in you and if you ask me for my number again, I’ll complain about sexual harassment”

4) Go to make a batch of cookies but eat all of the cookie dough before baking. Note: This will only provide temporary happiness and will likely end up in you being sick. If this happens, try #1-3 to cheer yourself up.

5) Go find one of those fountain things that people throw pennies into. Grab some change and go ride the electrical cars and animal machines in the mall.

6) Go to Tim Hortons for an hour and order one timbit every ten minutes.

7) Go to a movie theatre and buy lots of popcorn. Then throw it up in the air, yell “it’s snowing!” and make snow angels on the floor.

8) Write a useless blog that no one will read. It still makes you feel important.

9) Watch this video:

and take a lesson – some things in life are bad. Always look on the bright side of life.