Lately I have been having trouble sleeping and the reason is this: I haven’t been updating my blog. There are one billion random thoughts swimming around in my mind – waiting to be forever etched on all that is this blog. The time has come to set them free.

Random Thought the First:
I’m in India! Whhhhoooooooaaaaaaa

Random Thought the Second:
I caught a blood parasite in India! Whhhhooooooooaaaaaa

Random Thought the Third:
My roommate in India took a course AND EVEN HAD DINNER WITH my blog rival. Little does she know that I have been replacing the filtered water in her water bottle with water from the mosquito-larvae-infested puddles that surround our hostel (like a moat with bugs instead of alligators!) Some say this is cruel. I say it’s what you get for living with someone from Saskatchewan.

Random Thought the Fourth:
I have met my most favourite person in life. I want to move back to India just so that I can follow him around and listen to him say hilarious things. The court system in India is also notoriously bureaucratic and slow, so restraining orders shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Random Thought the Finale:
There are rabid dogs living outside of my hostel. If I steal a puppy, will I be able to train it to love me and protect me against its former pack?

If you’re wondering what I’m doing in India, I am stalking people in alleys. This is a fact. And now I can sleep.