Two things:

1) I suffered from a moment of insanity while registering for courses this year and registered in a political science class. What’s more is it’s a discussion-based seminar so I actually have to.. participate.. and say things…

Luckily I can just sit through the entire class saying things like “what about the direction of causality?” and “in Saskatchewan, our premier is a former DJ” and everyone ignores me. I do have to write a group paper, though. Well one day my group members (all of who are poli sci/IR majors) and I noticed that they use big words and I don’t. I tried to hide my grade 3 reading level by telling them that economists don’t feel the need to use flowery language because we have results worth stating. Political scientists, on the other hand, use big words that nobody understands to make up for the fact that they really aren’t saying much of anything.

Well, I lost three potential friends. Not only that, but one group member opened up my econometrics textbook and said “you don’t use unnecessarily long words? What is this asymptotically efficient estimation?” She also pointed out that I’m not actually an economist and that I’m several years older than everyone else but still don’t have a degree. Zing.

2) I was bussing home last night and read this “Poetry in Transit” thing. By read, I mean could only make out the last line of the poem because of (a) my grade three reading level, and (b) I didn’t want to read the rest. Anyway, the last line was something like “and come the curious pigs”. This frightens me beyond belief. Curious pigs can only mean one thing: pig-human battle. Thank god I don’t eat pork. I might be spared but I don’t think you will be.

New Final Score:

Political Scientists – 1
Pigs – 14
Heather – 5ish because I ate a really nice bagel today

P.S. My new life goal is to have my poetry published in a bus. Poetry like this haiku for political scientists:

Stop your fancy talk
I cannot understand you
Kronecker product.