Please take off your shoes and peruse the following items:

1) A poem written by a good friend (CAN YOU GUESS WHO!?):

I love my name, Tata
it rhymes with banana
or when I laugh haha
but what I love most la
‘s when S goes before TATA.

Note: la is used by Thai people to add feeling to a sentence

2) Someone told me that the Zodiac signs changed? And that I am now some new Zodiac creature that wasn’t there before? I feel lost and confused, life direction changing, etc, etc.

3) In an attempt to stop eating cereal for three (read: nine) meals a day, I am going cereal-less for one month. Make that two weeks. Make that a week. Starting Monday. But seriously, throw hard things, or money, in my general direction if you see me eating cereal between Jan. 17 and Jan. 24.