Today I am sick and when I get sick I start ranting about everything. Earlier today I wrote a really long rant about organic preachers (people who preach about the benefits of organic farming and look down upon those who eat non-organic food) but I deleted it because

a) my dad once told me that I should stop publicly expressing my opinion about anything if I ever want to have friends

b) 90% of the Vancouver population would hate me (yes – they do all read this blog) and come after me with their yoga mats and their starbucks coffee and their “oh look at me – I cleverly chose to live in a part of Canada that is actually habitable” attitude

c) At the time I wrote it, I had overdosed on dayquil and so most of the blog post looked like this “DANGMH YOU ORGANCHG SAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ###”

And so, another day when I am not popping advil and chugging neocitran, I shall pleasantly and fairly discuess the pros and cons of organic farming. Until then, I leave you with this:


Thank you and good night.