And by pancake I mean waffle. Details.

I went to a place called Chez Cora’s with my mom and ordered their waffles. I’d been to this place before and remembered their crepes being amazing but I wanted to live life on the edge and order something different.

I was disappointed.

The waffle was covered with whipped cream and custard and fruit. The fruit part was nice, but the cream was not. Because let’s be serious – the only reason I like pancakes and other related breakfast food is because I like maple syrup. The best pancake is one that is so saturated in liquid sugar that it actually cannot be contained in the pancake and seeps out all over the plate and onto the floor.

Some say I should just start drinking syrup. Some say I already do. But the point is that the amount of cream and custard on this waffle completely overwhelmed that syrupy taste that I hold so dear. I eventually resorted to smothering my napkin in syrup and eating that instead.

So let this be a lesson – if you like to eat food that is… food… then you will probably enjoy Chez Cora’s. If you like to enjoy food that is actually just syrup with a side of carbs (isn’t syrup also a carb? Now I’m confused. Syrup with a side of syrup? *drool*), then do as I do and just eat a sponge that has been sitting in a bucket of syrup overnight.