Ok ok so wordpress has this thing where you can see what people searched for in Google before stumbling onto your blog. When I first started this blog, I imagined people googling things like “coolest person EVER” or “classic literature” or “Dave Matthew’s wife” and finding a link to this blog.

Instead, this is what people have searched for that has led them to this most holiest of places:

1) “heather sarso”
I have successfully created an alternate persona.

2) “My Human Experiments”
Yes. That is what this is ACTUALLY about. 😐

3) “The pros and cons of neocitran”

4) “are there emus in india?”
There are no emus. Just this blog.

5) “how many people have the last name emus?”
My blog has… children?

6) “heather in economics with a blog”
One word: stalker.
Five more words: I have achieved star status.


Ahh, Google. What will you think of next.