1) Ants.


2) Human mating rituals.

Humans hunt other animals and wear their skins to try to make themselves look better (I’m not saying that this actually makes people look better). It’s insane. Imagine a panda jumping on a hippo and then wearing its skin as boots to attract other pandas. ISN’T THAT INSANE?!

3) The human race in general.

I could go on forever, but just think of these few things. People say that we’re just another mammal, but we’re not. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but we are far above every other animal. We have made ourselves into a super-animal. Every animal trait that we were jealous of? We stole it. We fly like birds in our planes, we swim like fish in our submarines, we grow tall like giraffes with our vitamins and stilts. Everything we do is so bizarre. I need to go sit down.

4) That my legs are the first part of my body to start to sweat. Why.

5) That I admitted to #4 on my blog. By the way, things that don’t blow my mind: that people run away from me.

6) Parrots

Bird? Human? Robot? Colourful paint palette? What are you?!!

7) Cleverbot.

Is it … people?

8.) The Finnish language.

Where did it come from, why is it so weird, and why hasn’t it gone extinct?

9) The person who first ate a pineapple

They look like spikey bombs from hell. How did [s]he know they would be so, so sweet?

10) That there are different sizes of infinity.

I had seven heart attacks and a seizure the first time I learned this. Luckily I survived.