Dear T,

Here is everything that has happened since I saw you in June.

I got a job in the U.S. but didn’t get a visa because I thought that Canadians were like Americans only better. So you’d think they’d want us to work here. Spoiler alert: they don’t. I was rejected for my visa and then was finally given one the day that I was supposed to fly out (I thought that booking my flight would make the border people take me seriously and push them to give me a visa. But it doesn’t).

There was also this incident where I moved out of Vancouver and then suddenly all of my friends moved there. I guess  they thought I was still living there. They’ll probably move out when they realize I’m not.

Anyway, I go to work every day but I’m still not really sure what my job is. I guess my boss really likes me because he starts to cry when I mention that I’ll be here for a year. It’s like he misses me already. Once he muttered something about not believing that he hired me and I was all “yeah, you’re pretty lucky that you snatched me up!” What a sweet guy.

As for my social life, I keep taking board games to the local watering hole but nobody has played with me yet. They recognize a pro when they see one. That’s ok. I’m not going to lower my game just so that I can make friends.

I guess that’s about it. I think about My Loney often.


Holla back,