1) Going to the airport

Man on subway: Happy Thanksgiving!
Me: Thanks, you too.
Man on subway: Going home?
Me: Yes
Man: Where’s home?
Me: Canada
Man: Canada doesn’t have Thanksgiving, right?
Me: Well, we celebrate it in October.
Man: That’s not Thanksgiving.
Me: Yes it is.
Man: Whatever lets you sleep at night, dear.

2) At the airport:
Irish guy waiting in check-in line: Are you in line for Porter? Going to Toronto City airport?
Me: Yes.
Irish guy: Great.
Irish guy: I don’t understand why they don’t call it “Toronto Island Airport”
Me: … Is the airport on an island”
Irish guy: No.

3) Getting tea in airport:
Me: I’ll just have black tea, please.
Barista: You looks tired. Better make it a coffee.
Me: Haha. I’ll just have tea, thanks.
Barista: Ok, we have gingerbread lattes!
Me: Ok.. I’ll just have tea, thanks.
Barista: Are you suuuuuure?
Me: *smashes head against wall*


Sometimes I just don’t understand.