Q, the radio program on CBC, and NPR’s Studio 360 recently hosted a month(?)-long “Redesign America/Canada” segment in which Americans were charged with rebranding Canada and Canadians with rebranding America. Being a Canadian in America and seeing how little people know about Canada, I was worried about what the Americans would come up with. Actually I figured that they wouldn’t care enough to participate. Having been a Canadian in Canada and seeing what a lot of Canadians think about Americans, I was also worried with what the Canadians would come up with. While the Canadians have not yet released their rebranding (I don’t think?), the Americans hired Bruce Mau Design to refurbish the Great White North. The fact that they had to hire a professional design team  is perhaps a sign that Americans didn’t care enough to participate. Regardless, the result is amazing

Hopefully it will help with this problem. Also this one.