1) Sir #1 has 2 day planners. It appears as though one is for his school-related work and the other is for his life-related work. I call him Sir because he is immaculately dressed although I’m not sure what for, given that he is sitting in a library and will be all day. He does not appreciate me trying to read what is in his day planners. I think he can read what I’m typing.

2) Woman #1 looks like she is going to explode into 1 million pieces of stress. I want to offer her a candy bar and tell her that whatever she is studying isn’t that serious. But I think Woman #1 will attack me if I do.

3) Sir #2 is more of Dude #2. He looks very cool. I would like to be his friend but he is way too cool for me. I bet he’s going to a party tonight.

4) Woman #2 is eating a granola bar extremely slowly in the hopes that nobody will hear her crunching. It will take her 48 minutes to eat the bar. Everyone hears her anyway.

5) Sir #3 could be homeless and is using the library as a sleeping spot. Sir #1 is annoyed at Sir #3’s snoring. I suggest he record his frustrations in his journal. Exit Sir #1.



Note: I am in the 4th person. I learned the slow eating trick from a friend. It has yet to actually work.