Today while running, I started thinking about the mythical creatures that people search far and wide for, presumably with the hope of bringing a little excitement and fame into their lives. You know.. make believe things like Bigfoot.. the Loch Ness monster.. uncool Canadians (zing!).

Then I thought, hey now. Unicorns? Let’s take a look at the common rhino:




This horse with a party hat tied to its face:


Why are we so obsessed with unicorns when all of these super-unicorns already exist? And it’s not just horned horses. Bigfoot? We have Robin Williams. Loch Ness? Look at this really bright fish instead! We are spoiled with all of the weird things living on this planet. And if a unicorn is so great, why didn’t it survive natural selection?

And that’s what I say to you, evolution.