When I am old, I will find someone who looks like 25-year-old me and tell her that I am visiting from the future. Since we will look exactly the same with the exception of my wrinkles and grey hair, she will surely believe me and be super freaked out. It will be hilarious and awesome and probably the best day of my life (yes birth of children, I said it).

After 4 years of contemplation, I have finally chosen my life theme song. I will now wake up to this song every morning and it will be played at all important life events such the day I get my first real job, my funeral, and the day I find 25-year-old me and play my prank. I chose this piece because it has all the makings on a great life theme song, none of which I want to discuss here today.

I decided that if I had to be covered with either feathers or scales, I would choose scales. They are both easier to maintain and could serve as a nice shield.

It’s not often that I come up with a great plan to be executed 55 years in the future, choose a life theme song, and make important grooming decisions all in one day. Good on my brain. Credit where credit is due.