I sent my passport to New York with the hope of getting a visa so that I could go to India and do nothing but play cricket and eat mangoes for two months.

After several weeks of not having my passport, I decided to call the Indian consulate in NYC. After some friendly banter, I asked about the location of my passport.

“It is with the Indian government”
“… you mean it is with a government official at the consulate?”
“No, it is no longer in New York”
“Is it in… DC?”
“No. It is with the Indian government. In India. They will return it to you.”

Looking beyond the fact that my passport never should have left the United States in the first place, the Indian postal system is not the most reliable thing in the world. I’m not sure if you have any experience with it, but it is similar to the Indian transportation system which looks like this.

Goodbye, passport.