1) The world would be better if truant officers still existed.
Then I could report the scraggly young lad who should be in school but is actually skateboarding around my neighbourhood, making my skateboarding look bad.

2) Canada should have the North Pole.
Guys. Santa is nice. Canadians are nice. I try to be nice. Both places are cold and uninhabitable. Let it be ours.

3) Everyone should wear a nametag.
I think it would increase happiness and friendship. Unclear as to why this would be, but I have a good hunch.

4) My hunches should be correct more often.
Why don’t they ever come true?

5) Gong shows are real.
Today I said “that exam was a complete gong show” and nobody understood what I meant. Gong show! A lot of gongs. All being hit. Gongs. Lots of noise. WHAT IS GOING ON?!
Nobody knows. It’s a gong show. Understand the term and we will be able to describe so many things.

That’s it.