Welcome to the first blog post via my new web domain, heathersarsons.ca

The URL to your north likely says sarso.wordpress.something, but type in heathersarsons.ca and be amazed at what happens. You don’t have to be amazed. I can tell you what is going on. My friend got me this website for my birthday. I’m not sure how he did it, but I imagine it’s like adopting a dog. Although not quite because unwanted dogs are free whereas unwanted websites are apparently not free. I can only conclude that heathersarsons.ca is an immensely popular domain (I don’t know what a domain is but it is the most technical internet-y term that I know) and that my friend had to engage in months of e-Bay bidding to secure it for me.

The scary thing is that I am no longer anonymous on the internets. Probably I am committing some kind of career suicide (“we were going to hire you but you have a nonsense blog”), but I’m not too worried because I imagine I will never get a real job anyway (“we were never going to hire you anyway because you’re incompetent and your resume is just a napkin with Canadian flags drawn all over it”). 

I feel that this is an important step forward in my internet life. It has been stagnant since I joined the twitter a year ago. I was on for 15 hours and then bailed. It was overwhelming. There were people everywhere, twittering me*, writing hashtags and wingdings. I panicked. Since then I haven’t done anything on the internet except watch videos of capybaras enjoying a hot bath.

Anyway, this post is going nowhere. I’ve been distracted by the fact that my neighbour’s roof looks like it is going to cave in and that he is enjoying his morning coffee at great peril to himself. Let’s breeze past the fact that I can see what he is doing.

So ends the inaugural heathersarsons.ca post. I leave you with these photos, which a dear friend sent to me. This is what people who actually want to make positive internet contributions do. That or make google. 


*there was one person who twittered me