It’s my mum’s birthday soon and she seems a bit sad that she is entering a new decade of her life. While I understand that she is horribly old, I don’t get why people refer to aging and being “over the hill” like it’s a bad thing. I think that there was a time when being “over the hill” was good. You can tell this from the term itself. “Over the hill” is the best part of the hill. Going up the hill is the worst. Sure you push yourself and work hard, but the rewards come once you’re at the top. At that point you can just assume the log position and roll on down the other side, taking out anyone who isn’t rolling with you.

I also think this saying came into existence to remind us to enjoy where we are. If you’re climbing up a hill, you would never look back and think, “I really wish I was 20 metres back so that I could climb back up again”. You’d look around, enjoy the scenery, then look to the top and be happy that you’re getting closer to the point where you can roll. More realistically you’d complain that you’re still far from the top, but such is life. Regardless, just as I wouldn’t want to move 20 metres down a hill, I don’t think I would ever want to go back to any of my previous ages. I’m glad I don’t speak with a lisp like I did when I was 9 or eat play-dough like I did when I was 23.

So if you’re nearing the top of the hill, take a look around and be happy. Soon you get to kick back, relax, and roll down the other side. Don’t worry if you knock someone over – you’ve earned it. You’re over the hill.


I am counting on the internet to deter either of my parents from reading this but in the event they learn how to work a computer, I am sorry for making fun of your age. Please remember that you are contractually obligated to love me.