I am all for freedom of speech, individuality of thought, cookie-dough pie, but it seems that people get confused between having the right to say whatever is on their mind and having the common courtesy to not say dumb sh*t and insult others. A wise Australian once said, in response to a racist joke, “you know what else you could do instead of telling racist jokes? You could not tell racist jokes!”

She makes a good point.

As of late, I’ve been getting especially annoyed of people who mock the Olympic women’s hockey teams. My conversations always go like this:

“We are going to watch the women’s hockey game. Do you want to join?”
“Women’s hockey?! Ha! What a joke!” *insert series of sexist jokes*

The argument I hear most often as to why women’s hockey is a “joke” is that it is not rough enough. They can’t hit each other. A few things:

1) Your statement is wrong. If you watched a game, you would see that.

2) Men’s hockey has gone to an extreme where people start brawls before the puck has dropped. If that’s what you watch hockey for, then I implore you to go check out this other sport called “boxing” where the point of the sport is to punch each other. Don’t mock a women’s team because they actually play hockey, as opposed to their testosterone-filled counterparts who feel the need to punch everyone because a better player took the puck away.

3) I apologize to male hockey players I just insulted.

If you are too ignorant to watch a women’s game, or if you have watched a women’s game and didn’t enjoy it, I would like to propose this response:

“We are going to watch the women’s hockey game. Do you want to join?”
“No thanks! 🙂 ”

It may seem that I simply can’t take a joke. I don’t think that is true. I often don’t understand jokes because my brother dropped a vacuum cleaner on my head when I was 6, but when I do understand jokes, I can take them. What I can’t take are “jokes” that actually reflect what a disturbingly large number of people believe about another group. If you think that women are weak and that women’s hockey is boring, you may live in your strange little world. All I ask is that when you have the opportunity to say something sexist or racist, you not say it.




This post was inspired by Rachael, who always has a good response to people who say dumb things.