I normally spend 3/4 of my day either defending Canada or dispensing small Canada pins and fun facts about maple syrup. Canada is my favourite thing. But in one (just one) way, the UK has got it beat.

When you fill out forms in Canada, you select your title which can be one of: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr

When you fill out forms in the UK, you can be: Count(ess), Duke, Earl, Dr., Professor, Viscount(ess), Baron, Queen, Prince, Sir, Lord, Dame, Astronaut, Elton John, Duke, or Duchess

So cool.

Needless to say, when I was buying a British Airways plane ticket and it prompted me to choose my title, I tried to choose Sir Professor Lord Duchess Heather the Explorer, Part III. But then my friend told me that this is how I get put on no-fly lists. I guess I’ll have legally change my name.