1. What seems to be your preferred colour?
    1. Green – the colour of your eyes, sweater, pants, and shoes.
    2. Boring colours because you are a business-person
    3. Mango
    4. Don’t have one
  2. Why would you fly to Boston?
    1. Tourist-ing
    2. You are a businessperson and are going to do important business things
    3. You don’t know why you’re on a plane
    4. Someone took you
  3. How do you react to people making origami rabbits for you?
    1. You find it charming and offer the person a piece of gum
    2. You find it disturbing and put on headphones
    3. You would love it and that’s why you do it for other people
    4. You don’t notice them doing it
  4. What is your preferred beverage?
    1. Tomato juice
    2. Lots and lots of wine
    3. Chocolate milk, which they regrettably don’t have on airplanes
    4. You never drink anything
  5. How do you like to pass the time?
    1. Falling asleep on my shoulder
    2. Reading newspapers and ignoring your funny and attractive neighbour
    3. Drawing on your neighbour’s newspaper while he is in the restroom
    4. Telling stories


If you got…

Mostly 1s: You are the person sitting to my left. You are a 60-year-old bald man who frequently falls asleep on my shoulder and drools on it. You snore a lot but you accepted my origami rabbit with grace, so I let you sleep and don’t draw too much on your face.

Mostly 2s: You are the person sitting to my right. You are a guy in your thirties and a little too cool for school. You drink a lot of wine which causes you to go to the restroom a lot which causes me to write incorrect but funny answers in the crossword puzzle you were working on.

Mostly 3s: You are me. Sucker.

Mostly 4s: You are my book. You are interesting and probably the most liked of the four.