1. Small children with British accents

2. Old people with British accents
Love them.

3. Other people with British accents
Could do without.

4. Stern looking man in sweater

5. Fifty thousand statues of men on horses
Every other one should be knocked down and replaced with a statue of a woman riding a horse and/or lion and/or dragon.

6. Door knockers in the shape of a lion’s head
Excessive unless resident is Scrooge McDuck.

7. Two weddings in parks
Unfortunate that one will probably end in divorce.

8. Many pigeons
3 of them reminded me of people I know. The rest were meh.

9. Street called Bread Street
Not enough actual bread on street. Should be similar to opening scene from Beauty and the Beast where a baker is wheeling around a cart of bread. Might be misremembering opening scene.

10. Person wearing Canada t-shirt
Heart explosion.